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Winding down the weekend…

Daddy-o has been out of town (for work) since Thursday morning. Thursday evening I had to call in the cavalry as I got a migraine. Grampie came to the rescue and played with Boopsie while I went to bed with earplugs and a pillow over my face. Things went really well otherwise… until this morning.

This morning Boopsie drank a cup of milk and then coughed… and threw it up all over us. The rest of the day she kept saying she had to “cough” (aka barf), but didn’t. Interestingly enough, those moments seemed to happen as soon as I picked up the phone or said I needed to do something. Suspicious? I thought so.

Tonight at dinner she wouldn’t eat a thing, and talked the whole time about throwing up:

“I need da bucket.”

“Th yellow gonna come out.”

“I gonna cough again.”

I tried to play it very blase… and ended up just giving her a bath and putting her to bed, explaining (as usual) there wouldn’t be any food/milk until morning. Now she’s in there wailing for “milky.” Here’s a few recent pics to help me remember that I love being a mother. (I need the reminder right now.)

Toddler watering flowers

Watering plants in fuzzy polar bear footie pajamas, pink rain boots and her bike windbreaker.

toddler picking yellow dandelions

Picking dandelions…

Black goat with toddler running toward it

Chasing goats at the zoo… apparently Boopsie loves goats as much as I do.

There, I feel much better now. (And it helps that she’s fallen asleep.) Let’s face it, this could be worse: Daddy-o is currently stuck in an airport, where his flight is delayed three hours. Blech.

Now, say it with me… “Please don’t puke, please don’t puke, please don’t puke.”



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Birthday Recap – Deux

Oh, the Boopsie turned 2! Of course she was (not really) getting over a nasty cold virus, so we started out the day by going to the doctor, but that’s just how the cookie crumbles. For her second birthday Boopsie received a scoot bike (which she won’t scoot on), some flashcards (yep, I am THAT lame), books and a coloring book. We also took her out to a fabulous local bookstore and had ice cream (cookies and cream for me and vanilla basil for Daddy-o and Boo… so high-brow!). We finished up the day by letting her eat as much damn ketchup as she wanted with her diner. She was thrilled.

We spent the rest of the weekend getting ready for the party on Sunday. Rather, I spent the rest of the weekend getting ready for the party and Daddy-o tried to avoid my wrath (with minimal success). After a great deal of thought, I went for the standard Elmo cupcakes:

Elmo Cake and Cupcakes

Birthday cake. From a mix! And topped with artificial colors, no less…

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Last year I was anxious about giving her cake with added sugar and this year I was doling out seriously artificially colored candy Elmo’s on the top of cupcakes made from a mix with ingredients I can’t pronounce. Crikers!  At this rate, next year I’ll be handing her a five pound bag of sugar, a spoon, and a beer and calling it good.

The party was fun, and Boopsie received a bunch of presents (though I’d tried to limit them). I’d have to say the faves so far are the “baby” from Grammie and Grampie, the baby cradle from Grandma and Grandpa, and “baby bear” — a Build-a-Bear workshop bear from her aunt and uncle and cousins. We ate pizza, we ate cake. We sang “Happy Birthday,” at which point Boopsie grinned from ear to ear. She was so happy I thought she’d float right out of her chair. Good party.

Once everyone left, Boopsie hit the wall. The evening ended with her, in just a diaper, laying on the bathroom floor wailing because she didn’t want to brush her teeth. I had to sympathize because I myself have sometimes spent the evening of my birthday on the bathroom floor, though almost never in my underwear and usually not crying. (I was in college…) Because I’m a mean mom who likes to snap photos of my crying child to show her later in life, I have this:

Baby facedown on bathroom floor

Praying to the porcelain (plastic) god? I sure hope not!

We’ve all recovered and now Boopsie only occasionally walks around singing “Birthday to me, birthday to me.” This weekend we’re going camping… a true family adventure. Please wish us luck…

In other news, tonight I prepared for a wellness screening at work tomorrow by eating 520 calories worth of gummy bears tonight. Long live Haribo!


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