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Springing Forward

So tonight I was folding Boopsie’s underwear and suddenly I thought, “Holy CRAP… I’m Folding. Boopsie’s. Underwear.” You read that right. And it’s true. Last weekend a small miracle happened: Boopsie decided she wanted to wear underwear. Then we put her in undies. And she peed on the floor. And we put her back in a new pair of undies… and we went for it.

Dora the Explorer undies

“D-D-Dora! D-D-Dora!”

After a panicked call to a friend whose potty-trained three kids and some good advice from her, we decided to go for it. I’m not going to lie. It was a really stressful, cooped-up weekend. But Boo did great. There was a lot of pee on the floor, but also a lot of pee in the potty. And no pee in the bed. (Amaze-balls, people.)

Potty training threw me for a huge loop. I sent frantic e-mails to my friends, who told me to hang in there. I blathered on about it at work. I laid awake worrying she’d wet the bed. And I was in the hot seat most of the time. Boopsie decided that she didn’t want Daddy-o in the bathroom and she wanted my attention every single minute. In short, I went bonkers for a few days. Okay, like six days. We crossed the final frontier when I took her to the Minnesota Children’s Museum Friday night… and she used the potty in a public restroom. BOO-YAH!

Here are some things that helped:

  • Character undies. Boopsie was sort of invested in keeping “Dora” dry. Even so, get like 14 pairs or you’ll be doing laundry every six hours.
  • Random rewards. What worked for us at different times, to incent her to sit on the potty: plastic animals, stickers, Dora the Explorer Band-aids and ice cream.
  • MAKING her sit on the potty. This was harder than it sounds. She was resistant and I was terrified I would give her some intense complex about going potty, thus ruining her life forever. (Yes, I’m serious about this. I really worried that by MAKING her sit on the potty when she didn’t want to she’d end up in diapers and a therapists office for the rest of her life.)

When I reached out to my friends to thank them for the help and advice, I admitted to them that potty training threw my for a loop. One of them pointed out that as a parent, it’s one of the things you have the least  control over. So true. And we all know how well I do (or not) with a lack of control… (Ehrm…yeah.)

We have two more big adventures to contend with some time in the coming months — moving into a big girl bed and getting rid of the pacifier. For now, I’m going to enjoy a glass of wine and then fold some more undies.



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Progress on the Panty Front

Tonight Boopsie took a pair of undies from her drawer and said, “My going to wear these in the bath.”

I (stupidly) said, “You don’t wear undies in the bath!”

She said, “Monkey going to wear them,” and ran off to find her stuffed monkey. I called her to come take a bath a couple of minutes later and she asked me if she could bring the undies in the bath. I said she could bring them in the bathROOM. She ran in and threw the undies in the full bathtub.

This may not sound like progress to you, but to me it was a small miracle that she had any interest in the undies. (In retrospect, why didn’t i let her hang out in them for a while?!? So. Dumb.) This kid knows when she has to go to the bathroom. Tonight after dinner she asked me to let her out of her booster seat so she could poo. She’s aware, she just doesn’t care.

This is our fault: in November and December Boopsie was totally into going potty and earning miniature plastic animals as her rewards. She seriously earned about 50 over the course of about 5-6 weeks. But Daddy-o and I were unprepared and “too busy” to stay home for a few days and strike while the iron was hot to do the full-on “potty learning.”

So here we are, three months later and she’s completely over the potty. Tonight when she announced her attention to poo I offered her a stuffed animal if she went on the potty… No interest. So the fact that she was interested in her undies at all gives me a small hope that she’ll come around… Wish us luck. As I’ve noted before the will is strong with this one… Nothing will happen until she wants it to. Now I just have to figure out how to make it her idea…

Here’s hoping for more panty progress!! (And let’s not forget the oft-said parenting tidbit…”No one goes to kindergarten with out being potty trainer. It will happen.”)

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Fortunate One

I have a new measure by which to gauge my own level of fortune:

When faced with the dilemma of a very poop-covered baby sock*, do you try to wash it or do you throw it away?

My friends, I was able to throw the sock away without too much concern for how (financially or practically) to replace it. And for that, I am unbelievably fortunate.



*Diaper changing-related thrashing + grody diaper within kicking range = horror


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Word of the Day: Poop Juice*

*This post is not for the squeamish…

poop juice [poop jooce]  – noun or verb
noun – the liquid that can leak from an especially nasty diaper, often a important contributing factor to “diaper disasters”
verb – the act of spreading poop juice, usually inadvertent

Examples (may or may not have been taken from real life):

“Ack! She just poop juiced my pajama pants!”

“Eeew! There’s poop juice on the duvet cover!”

“Help! Her diaper’s leaking poop juice!”

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I’m having a date with Google right now.

It’s scintillating…

A bit scandalous.

And definitely dirty.

Are you jealous yet?

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This just happened.

Oh dear god.

Daddy-o is out of town and I have an early (for me) meeting in the morning.

I thought it would be sweet (and efficient) for to take a bath with Boopsie tonight.

Boopsie thought it would be a great night to try pooping in the bathtub.

Miraculously, I didn’t throw up.

Now, if you’ll excuse me (and the bleach fumes) I’m going to go huddle in the fetal position for the next several hours.

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Poopalicious — This post is not for the faint of heart (or weak of stomach)

I guess that in all my advanced poop-management, I became over-confident.

Because now… oh my. Boopsie has been teething (though there are still no visible teeth), and let me tell you… the diapers have gotten bad. Horrible, in fact.

Last week (while on vacation), I went into her room to provide backup for Daddy-o, who was dealing with a horrific diaper and wiggly 10-month-old. So I tried to help. But then I went to the bathroom and threw up. Yep. For the first time, one of her diapers (and my sissy-ness) made me puke.

This wouldn’t be so bad if, for argument’s sake, Boopsie was 2-ish and on the verge of potty-training. Or maybe if it was a one time a week issue. Or if she only had breast milk instead of a diet also full of proteins. But no. We’ve got a LOT of diapers in our future (though I’ve never been so happy to be using disposable diapers as I have been in the last week). And for the last 10 days it’s been a once-a-day disaster in her pants. And she STILL hasn’t popped a tooth.

Lucky for me, Daddy-o has been taking on  more than his share of the nasty diapers, but that’s not a long-term solution. In fact, this morning there was a bad one and he’d already gone to work. I panted my way through it, hissing “shh shh shh shh shh” over and over in an attempt to only breathe through my mouth. I made it, barely.

How can all of that awfulness come out of my sweet Boopsie??And how soon can we start potty training??


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