Painting Party

It’s been approximately 8,000 degrees here (with the heat index) for many days, so we’ve been doing a lot of hiding inside so our faces don’t melt off. The other evening, Boopsie wanted to watch a video and I kept suggesting alternative activities:

“Do you want me to read to you?”


“Do you want to make a necklace?”

“No, video.”

“Do you want to paint?”


What little kid doesn’t like painting, right? It’s awesome. It’s also messy and I get freaked out by messes (among a few other things). I strapped on her smock, handed over some brushes and paints doled out in an old ice cube tray and she went to town. For more than 45 minutes. To a three-year-old, that’s like six hours.

Much to my chagrin, the brushes quickly became useless, as Boopsie dove in to her chosen (at least for that 45 minutes) art form. Much to my delight, she gave a running commentary while she was painting, and I grabbed a pen and wrote some of it down. (Hellz to the yeah!)


“I’m painting something for Daddy to see. It’s beautiful and wonderful. It’s a rainbooooooow. I’m making it for Daddy. I’m making a road so he can get through. Look at this it’s a whole bunch of roads!”


Toddler finger painting

“Look at the silly water! The peacock is swimming in the water… now he’s sticking his head out. Now he’s swimming.”

So, despite the mess, it was a pretty rad way to spend 45 minutes. Even if it was a huge mess. (I think there’s still paint under her fingernails…)


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