Camping With Tots

We just returned from our second camping trip with friends. We went last year at this time, and repeated the trip (to a new location). We came home dirty and tired, and we had a ton of fun getting that way. In our two little excursions, I’ve picked up on a few things that I found really helpful:

Kids swimming

Bring friends. We went with another couple who have two boys (5 and 3), and the kids were built-in entertainment for each other. Plus, it was triple cuteness watching them all learn and experience the outdoors.

Boopsie swimming

Swimming was the closest Boopsie got to a bath during our three-night, four-day adventure. Bring lots of baby wipes. LOTS.

hunting for bugs

Explore with them. I’m trying to unlearn my heebie jeebies about things like frogs and bugs. Fake it ’till you make it, right?

Carrying tot in Ergo

If your kid is an inexperienced hiker, bring your Ergo carrier. I carried Boopsie about 2 miles over two days. Sheesh. Look at how long her legs are!

Other helpful things:

  • Bring a bunch of plastic bags (like the ones from Target) to use as garbage bags around each major meal prep. A clean campsite will keep you from experiencing nighttime marauders. (aka raccoons)
  • What is it with kids and those squeezie pouches of fruit? It’s the new kiddie crack. Anyway, this is the perfect application, so stock up.
  • Bug spray. Sunscreen. Repeat.

Not going to lie… it’s a lot of work, especially in a tent (which we did last year). But it’s so. damn. worth it.



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