Two cakes and one panic attack

Just yesterday I was reflecting about Boopsie’s birthday and patting myself on the back for not freaking out. Well folks, welcome to the THIRD ANNUAL birthday freak out. (Is this a self-fulfilling prophecy, or what?)

We are in the run-up to Boopsie’s third birthday. This year, instead of obsessing about healthy birthday cake or stressing out over a “Pinterest”-level birthday party versus a low-key birthday party, I am totally freaked out about meeting Boopsie’s expectations. The issues at hand:
  1. She is turning three. Aware. Verbal.
  2. She attended her first “friends” birthday party this summer. This party was for twins who were turning four and featured a “jumpy” (bounce house), piñata, arts and crafts, and two cakes. The bar is high.
  3. We are having a “family” party and not a “friend” party, and I don’t think she understands this, so I feel a need to step up my game in the decorating department. And the theme department.
  4. She has been verbally (see #1) planning and re-planning her party nearly daily. I actually have forbid Daddy-o to mention her birthday because her grasp of when the blessed event will happen isn’t very clear. Last week she was pissed at me when I didn’t buy cake and candles at the grocery store (party was four weeks away). Her plan for the party keeps changing, but some things have been clarified. She wants two cakes (the party for the twins = two cakes). One cake should be Hello Kitty and the other should be Strawberry Shortcake (character not the dessert). There should be a dog there (to visit, not to keep). We should have candles. All manageable, but a bit unstable. (Aside: This has interesting parallels to some executive-level events I’ve been involved with…)
  5. She’s obsessed about who is coming, and two of the most important guests (cousins) are not able to make it. She does not know this. It has me in a complete panic that she will be disappointed about her party and its lack of little people, etc.
Yes, you read that correctly. I’m currently gripped with fear that my three year old will be disappointed by her birthday party.
How do I solve this?
It’s time for a photo dance break:
Reading in the stove box

We got new appliances. The stove box makes an awesome book nook.

Watching a bike race

We’ve gone to some bike races this summer. Boopsie loves them and excels at cheering.

Tot sprinkler

I “taught” her to run through the sprinkler. Amaze-balls.

Okay, I’m slightly calmer now. Off to round up some kids to attend this party… any other suggestions?



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2 responses to “Two cakes and one panic attack

  1. Eric

    You. Are. Hilarious! Let me know if you want to borrow Sarah for the big day. She loves kids, attention and if anyone drops their food, will keep your floor clean.

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