Valendoom’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! Time to force your kid to color when she doesn’t want to so you can get the Valentine’s done. (Okay, truthfully that was last night.) And to not give her her Valentine’s gifts  because you only saw her for about 30 minutes total today. (Mother of the Year!)

It was an eventful day. Bananas at work. Boopsie spent 12 hours at daycare because they were kind enough to give the parents a night out. I was very disturbed this evening though, for two reasons. Not sure which is worse:

  1. Boopsie, diaperless, in the living room (white carpet).  Can you guess what happened? She peed. Can you guess what I did? Tried to catch it in my hands. (My GOODNESS have I come a long way.) I was actually somewhat successful because Daddy-o handed me a dry diaper just as she let loose another big stream.
  2. I found out she had dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets for dinner. DINOSAUR SHAPED CHICKEN NUGGETS. My inner food snob is in a complete tizzy.

So, which do you think is more disturbing??

A little thinking music for you… (NSFW)


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