Holy blog abandonment, Batman! I definitely didn’t make my “100 posts” goal last year, and I probably won’t make it this year… (collective sigh of relief from all six of my loyal readers).

I have something to report: Christmas with a two-year-old is awesome. And that is not sarcasm. Boopsie was wild about Christmas lights and Christmas ornaments. She didn’t really grasp the “I ask and he gives” aspect of Santa, which is just fine with me. She also wouldn’t sit in his lap. Also no biggie. We did lots of fun stuff, though.

We got a big tree!

Christmas Tree too tall

I seriously thought Daddy-o’s head was going to explode when it was too tall… he thought I had picked out a bigger tree when he wasn’t looking. I hadn’t.

We decorated the big tree!

Tot and Dad decorating tree

Decorating the tree. Boopsie loved this task…

We did crafts! Yes, CRAFTS!

tot hands felt crafting

Felt crafting…

(Okay, so this is what it’s supposed to look like:)

Christmas tree felt craft

Felt crafting

During the holidays, Daddy-o and I both took time off and hung out with family and Boopsie. She was showered (!) with gifts that she had a lot of fun with and got to see some cousins (my niece and nephew) who she loves but doesn’t see frequently.

It was all fantastic until she got the stomach flu… and then I got the stomach flu on New Year’s Eve. It took me several days to recover. On the upside, I lost all my holiday weight! On the downside, after the stomach flu Boopsie developed an awful case of constipation that led to me making panicked calls to the doctor, her day care provider and my boss (who’s kid used to have issues) looking for instruction. Poor baby… we went on a diet of bean burritos, oranges, apples, Activia yogurt (which I can’t purchase without thinking of the SNL skits), peas, broccoli and the like.

Now we’re trying to get on the straight and narrow again — work, day care, exercise, healthy eating, reasonable bed times. Such. a. drag. Suggestions to spice up the next three months?


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January 9, 2013 · 8:14 pm

One response to “Happy Holidays… ‘Bout a Month Late

  1. As usual, I love your posts! I vote for 101 posts in 2013! 🙂 Love ya Rori

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