Toddler Trot Recap

In conjunction with the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon, there are several family events, including the Toddler Trot. It’s a “dash” of about 25 yards for little tykes. Frankly, the only thing cuter is the Diaper Dash, where babies crawl, “racing” out of the center of a circle.

Here’s a photo from last year’s diaper dash:

Babies crawling in a race

So anyhoo, this year was a lot colder than last year. And Boopsie graduated to one of the “two-year-old” heats in the Toddler Trot.

By the time the race rolled around she was tired, hungry and cold. I had visions of her sprinting down the course the way she sprints away from me on any given city block. Not so much. I got her to run about 10 yards before she stopped, sobbed, “Ma-ma-maaaaaaa!” and held her arms up. She was dunzo. Maybe next year?


And we’re running. My rear, Boopsie in the purple hat.


Toddler running in a race, from behind

The arms are starting to come up…


Mom hugging toddler

And… she’s…. done.

All was not lost… Boopsie did get her first and her second set of Thunderstix.

Toddler with Thunderstix

Boppers!! Toddler joy.



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