Cliché Squared

Oh dear. This week I had an experience that made me realize I’m not just a cliché — I’m a cliché of a cliché.

Let me explain: Before Boopsie was born I was obsessed with our two cats, Milo and Roxy. Ob-sessed. Daddy-o and I got them the same summer we got married and it was love at first sight. They were our fur babies and I immediately transformed into a (crazy) cat lady. I kept up with my personal hygiene (well, as much as I ever did), but I talked about them to everyone. All the time. I showed people photos. I put photos of them on Facebook. I was a nut. Your perfect cliché of a cat lady.

Then Boopsie was born. And it was love at first sight times a million. She is our sweet, sassy, nutty girl. I talk about her obsessively. I force pictures on people all the time. Awesome, right? Well this week, a friend at work asked me if we still had our cats.

Wait. Hold the phone. “Do we still have our cats?”

Of course we still have our cats. But apparently, I’m now so obsessed with my kid that I only talk about her. (Which is true.) Bam. Cliché squared.

So, just to prove that I still love our kitties, and that I still have them, I am posting their photos… enjoy. You should know that Milo is kind of a rat bastard who loves to escape enclosures and eat inappropriate objects (ribbon is a favorite and feathers make him crazy). Roxy is sweet and can be very whiny, and she had double knee surgery when she was 1.5 because of a congential defect. I think she’s got some arthritis now… and she’s not a good jumper.


cat on bench

“It’s hard work being this handsome…when’s dinner?”

black cat

This is Roxy. We don’t dare speak for her.

So, there you have it. Our kitties. Cliché squared. (Milo’s trying to sit on the keyboard while I type this…)


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One response to “Cliché Squared

  1. Christy

    You crack me up! Keep writing!

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