Five things….

Here are five things I’m thinking about today:

  1. Is there a problem with my kid eating ketchup? I don’t mean she dips something into ketchup to eat it, I mean she eats ketchup. With a spoon. Nutritionally not great, but do Daddy-o and I have to hide the ketchup when we use it as a condiment?
  2. How can we get Boopsie to stop crying every time we drop her off at day care? She stops before I get to my car (I can hear her turn it off), but it’s a daily bummer.
  3. Since when does taking a bath = torture? And why?
  4. Will she EVER stop throwing food? Seriously, this is totally out of hand.
  5. Where is her other silver sandal??

That’s my list, what about you?



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2 responses to “Five things….

  1. CJ Dickinson

    I must admit that last night when she wouldn’t eat her dinner I thought of putting ketchup all over it. I resisted but I was tempted. You should be happy to learn that she did not throw any food during or after dinner. Bath time may have started out as torture but she was sucked in by our search for the new bath toys and she ended up staying in the tub for at least one half hour.
    See, so those are two less items to worry about. Oh yeah, you found the silver sandal… now we are down to two. Is life great or what???

    • Hmm… so it would appear she only throws food for Daddy-o and I then? 🙂 And you’re right, the only one of these that is really still pertinent is the ketchup…. what a difference a few days makes! (Isn’t that the golden rule of parenting or something?)

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