Holy Gun Shy, Batman.

I just hired a new day care provider. Gulp.

And very soon I have to tell Miss C that Boopsie is moving. GULP.

It will be about six weeks before Boopsie starts at her new day care. From my first conversation with Miss A, I got really good feelings about her and how warm she is. Daddy-o and I interviewed her and we liked her and the environment a lot. She has the kids spend a LOT of time outside in her nice big, fenced backyard (complete with play houses and structures, etc.) and she does a little curriculum with them each day during the school year (circle time, counting, letters, songs, etc.).

Then I called a reference (whose kids go there and who is a backyard neighbor), who said, “Even before I had kids, I was really impressed with how Miss A runs her day care. The kids have a lot of fun and she keeps them in line without ever yelling.” The reference also brought up (without me prompting) how open she feels the communication is between her and Miss A as one of the best things about the day care. The other favorite was how warm and caring Miss A is. As for anything the reference would change? Just having Miss A open on Fridays.

Yes, you read that right. Miss A is closed on Fridays. And yes, we’re a little nuts for doing this, even though I usually don’t work on Fridays. But I think it’s the right thing. I pray it’s the right thing.

So now I have to break up with Miss C. And I actually am hoping we can keep Boopsie there on some Fridays. And now that it might be over, I’m really finding myself focusing on all the (many) good things about Miss C. How’s that for wishy-washy? I almost wish she would do something to tick me off… like give Boo some peanut butter or something. (Not really, but it would make it easier. And for all of our challenges, I do respect her.)

And advice on day care break-ups?



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2 responses to “Holy Gun Shy, Batman.

  1. nancy houle

    ya just gotta tell it to her straight. i think daycare providers know it’s the nature of the beast…you’re moving and you need to make some changes as a result.
    you can do it!!
    cousin nancy

  2. urslang

    we just did this recently, and honestly, i was totally nervous about it, with butterflies and i avoided it several times and hadn’t felt that nervous about anything forever! i made david go with me and he officially told her!

    but once we told her, it was fine. she deals with this all the time (well, not too much!!), and she could see how worked up we were about the whole thing, and just told us lovingly (and meant it, i’m pretty sure), “you guys, it’s fine, this happens all the time. don’t worry about it! you’ve got to do what works best for you…”. and with the ‘excuse’ of the move for you, that can at least help a bit. (also, b/c we were shifting to a center and we’d been on the waiting list for a while, the spot just opened up out of the blue – this helped frame it for me in telling her why… and we told her how hard a decision it had been to make, which it was.)

    i also started seeing everything wonderful about the place we were leaving! but i knew it was the best decision for our family, and once we got the news off our chest, the whole thing was much easier and anton was so caught up with the new place that the transition itself went really well. our provider was great and totally pro about handling the last few weeks, and gave mr.A a sweet present. we also were able to give her a *bonus* with our last check which she totally appreciated, and i got her a small present.

    you can do it! presents and just generally being tactful about the whole thing should help! good luck!

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