A lesson from a 19-month-old

It’s beautiful in the upper Midwest — it was 75 degrees today. 75! (And yes, the sort-of Irish Catholic superstitious person in me thinks this must signal the coming apocalypse.)

After work (and after I picked up a prescription for myself for a sinus infection — time to end this three week illness), I

Dried oak leaf

Crusty oak leaf or Super! Awesome! Thing! ??

took Boopsie out in a stroller for a little walk. Hanging around in the out-of-doors with Boopsie is fantastic. She loves being outside, loves the wind on her face, loves people, loves dogs. She’s excited by crusty leaves on the ground and stones in the conglomerate asphalt path. She points at planes, smiles at dogs and people and generally exudes joy. I can’t tell you how many people smiled or giggled when they went by (especially when she walked herself right out of her pants… too big at the waist).

I’m going to challenge myself to be a little more like Boopsie — more open to and observant of the world around us. I’d also like to be more friendly with strangers — what’s the harm in smiling and saying “hi”? I probably won’t make a game of picking up dry leaves and crushing them in my hands, and I hope I don’t walk myself out of my pants, but there’s a lot to be learned here…

I hope I never overlook a famous  musician playing a multimillion dollar instrument in a subway.

Slow down. Cultivate wonder.

I will try.


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