Oh dear. I did.

Tonight I took Boopsie over to a friend’s house for a happy hour. This friend lives about 10 minutes away. Boopsie fell asleep in five. On the way, I had to stop to pick up a few snacks to bring to the happy hour. So there I was in the fancy “market” parking lot, faced with a conundrum.

The choices:

  1. Wake her up and bring her into the market for a less than five-minute, four-item run.
  2. Find a stranger to watch over my car.

And what do you think I did?

I asked a stranger to watch over my car.

Now, before you call the police (Mom! Dad! Put down the phone!), let me explain what I did to make this not quite as crazy as this sounds. I locked my car. I asked the person parked next to me. It was a guy who had a car seat in his car. I RAN through the store. Under four minutes, I swear.

And you know what? Even though I took all sorts of rational, careful steps to keep her safe (and sleeping), it makes me feel a little sick. I can’t believe I did that.

In other news, I figured out why Boopsie fell asleep in her seat in less than five minutes… when we got home, I realized she had a fever of 101.4.

If I didn’t lose Mother of the Year in January, it’s definitely gone now.


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One response to “Oh dear. I did.

  1. christy eichers

    How’s she feeling today?

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