What does it mean…

…. that my kid has been napping for 2.5 hours and all I can think is that she must be getting sicker. (She’s had another cold…and has been coughing for a week.)

It’s been a rough couple of weeks of work, work and more work. It should be coming to an end this week (for a bit). All that working has left me feeling extra super guilty. Boopsie has spent some extra time at day care last week and will again this week. It’s been eating away at me that she spends so much more of her waking hours with someone other than us.No worries. I can deal. But it’s just stuck in my head.


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One response to “What does it mean…

  1. Sarah

    Larissa has had the sleepies this week too. I’ve given in to the dark side and just let her watch movies and sleep so that I can keep up on the work side. While I feel guilty, it is true rest is an all natural medicine and sometimes just what they need. And yes hopefully this upcoming weekend she and I will have the energy to spend our time together!!

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