Some “Noble Truths” About Toddler Travel

Right now, I’m sitting on the bathroom floor of a hotel room, waiting for Boopsie to fall asleep. Being the uber-extroverted girl that she is, she can’t go to sleep if I’m in there working on my laptop. So here I am. It’s making me think about the three “Noble Truths” of toddler travel that I’ve discovered so far.

  1. As a parent, you will have to pack a ton of stuff for your kid. They will have four bags and a pack-n-play and you will have one. You will have to carry them all. And in spite of packing a ton of stuff, you will invariably need something you didn’t pack. For us tonight, it’s Aquaphor. Her cheeks are chapped and it’s at home. Damn.
  2. People will think your kid is cute and this will buy you some good will with strangers in hotel lobbies, elevators and at restaurants. It is probably not enough good will to save you from dirty stares when your kid has a meltdown in a restaurant and starts crying and shrilly screaming “Noo! Noo! Noo!” because you are trying to help her get food onto her fork.
  3. Traveling with a toddler is nothing like traveling on your own or with another adult. It has nothing to do with relaxation or adult-ish fun. You’re lucky if you can even get your hands on an adult beverage because you are in a hotel room bathroom and can’t leave your sleeping kid to go procure a beer. It’s exhausting, but it’s also rewarding. Right? RIGHT?

More tales to come…


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