Temper, temper.

Oof. Things have really changed at our house over the last week. All of a sudden, our sweet baby Boopsie has turned into a

Yep. It's about like that. Image source: http://www.picturesof.net/pages/100201-160889-832053.html

hard-core tyrant. Over the past week, she’s thrown more temper tantrums than she’s ever thrown before… by quite a magnitude. It’s disconcerting, actually. First I thought maybe it was teething (because it’s always and it’s never teething.) Then I thought perhaps it was due to a head cold. Now I have no idea.

It’s like this: It’s like she Boopsie has no fuse anymore and she’s really frustrated. If she wants something (a glass jar, a dirty baby bottle) and doesn’t get it, it’s an immediate meltdown, screaming, kicking, throwing herself around. Sometimes she’ll bang her head on her high chair if that’s where she’s having the tantrum. Very disturbing, I tell you.

So this is what I do when I run into something that stumps me… I start reading everything I can. I did the same thing with all of the sleep drama of her early life… I read and read and read. So here I go again. So far, I’ve read What to Expect the Second Year, coming up in short order are:

Don’t worry, I’ll also plan to reach out to people for advice… because seriously, it’s like she’s possessed. And truthfully, if this continues like it has for the last few days I’m taking her to the doctor for a look-over to make sure there isn’t an underlying ear infection or something. This is ridiculous.


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  1. ellis does the headbanging thing in the high chair. he also looks at me and then will hit his head on the ground. if i walk away he will follow me to the other room and then gently hit his head on the ground and start back up again. he is testing boundaries non-stop which leads to tons of tantrums. not sure if that is the same for ms. RJ, but 18 months on seems to be a good time start working us over? so far, ignoring it or picking up something i know he likes and playing with it is the fastest way to get him to move on from the tantrum and back into the mostly-tolerable zone. Good luck!

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