French Fried Onions (Or why I am DONE with SuperTarget)

I have been anticipating this week for a while. I had a distinct vision for this week. Primarily, my vision had to do with a quiet work

French's French Fried Onions

Really, SuperTarget? This is the MIDWEST. Frech Fried Onions practically ARE Christmas Dinner.

week… I envisioned time to clean up my e-mail, do some busywork I needed to take care of and generally sort things out before a nice break from work. In the evenings I would calmly proceed through my remaining holiday tasks, perched in front of our lit Christmas tree. (Those tasks? Christmas cards, craft project, final shopping, wrapping, cookie-baking. Yep, lots.)

Would it surprise you if I said that my vision did not come true?

Well, it did not. Work was hell. A special sort of hell filled with IT craziness and corporate America ickiness and just general annoying crappiness that all came together and meant I didn’t get squat done that I’d hoped to. And somehow I’m still “on call” while our company shuts down between Christmas and New Year’s. Awesome.

And at home? Frantic. And no sitting in front of the lit Christmas tree. And no cookies baked and still several presents to wrap. And increasing crabbiness.

So tonight has been the pinnacle of banal craptastic annoyingness (at least I hope this is the pinnacle): I spent two hours trying to send a stupid e-mail (IT mess). So I took a break and set out to check grocery shopping off the list. I trotted off to SuperTarget with my list, which included French Fried Onions for two batches of green bean casserole.

I found everything I needed at SuperTarget except those crucial French Fried Onions. If this were a one-time occurrence and I hadn’t had such a stupid week, this wouldn’t be a big deal. Unfortunately, this is a recurring theme with SuperTarget: They often don’t have a basic ingredient that I need. I’ve run into this same issue before with breadcrumbs, frozen squash, and other commonly-needed items. So here it is, two days before Christmas and SuperTarget doesn’t have French Fried Onions. Seriously, SuperTarget? No French Fried Onions? This means I have to make another trip to another grocery store tomorrow. When I wanted to hang out with my family and sit in front of the lit Christmas tree. GAHHHH!

On my way out to my car, I decided: I’m done with SuperTarget. Indefinitely. I might only last a week. Heck, I might only last a day. But I’m done with SuperTarget and their capricious lack of important items.

I know this isn’t *really* about SuperTarget. It’s a bigger issue than that.

I’m so tired of being the “it” person, the “go-to gal,” the organizer, the runner, the keep-it-together and keep-it-all moving person… at work and at home. I want to stop. I need to stop. I am mentally and emotionally fried..done done done. Unfortunately, I can’t be done. I don’t get to stop everything and retreat. So for now I’m going to have to settle with being done with SuperTarget.



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