I am, in fact, still alive.

Barely. But I am. Just been way, way, WAY too busy at work. Biggest product launch in pretty much ever. Fun and exciting, but not-so family or holiday friendly. So where does that leave us?

First, Boopsie.

  • Walking like crazy.
  • Babbling like crazy.
  • Saying “no” like she means it.
  • Putting on her pants and taking them off.
  • Putting on her shoes and taking them off.
  • Coloring.
  • Working over her dad and grandparents for junk food. Found a Cheezit in her booster chair tonight.
  • Basically being the sweetest, funniest little person ever.

Now me. By way of explanation of what my life has been like of late, this is what I forgot at work today:

  • The notebook I’ve been keeping notes about what I need to do in.
  • The other notebook I’ve been keeping notes about what I need to do it, including Christmas lists.
  • My wallet, including my driver’s license.
  • A good portion of my mind.

Tomorrow is another day, right?

And Daddy-o:

He is a rock star Dad. So fun to see him and Boopsie together. I went on a business trip for four days (including the weekend) and got all sorts of fun picture messages while I was gone — eating, playing with the cats, story time at the library. Pretty awesome. In fact, Boopsie had such a good time with Daddy-o that when I got home she wanted nothing to do with me.

And tomorrow is Daddy-o’s birthday, which means I’m almost ready. This is what’s called “just in time” living, folks. Try not to be jealous.


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