Turning the day around… in 20 steps

Today was kind of a crummy day, in sort of a “White Parent Problem” way. Nothing tragic, just annoyances and frustrations serving as the icing on the cake of being tired and stressed out. Oh, and I picked up a $281 prescription rash cream for Boopsie that I don’t even want to use on her, but I’m feeling stuck. (More on that later. Some time when I’ve had a glass of wine.)

But then, something funny happened. Or rather, kind of amazing. For the last three weeks Boopsie has been tottering a few steps at a time, usually three or four, but sometimes up to six. Tonight, while my parents were over for a visit, she took off. It was like s switch flipped in her head. She found her balance, and for lack of a better term, her mojo. Suddenly, Boopsie wasn’t hesitant to walk. She wasn’t taking a few steps and dropping to her knees. She was WALKING. Twenty steps at a time and even more. CLICK. Just like that.

Suddenly, my day got pretty cool.

Take that, world.



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2 responses to “Turning the day around… in 20 steps

  1. LOVE IT! Can’t wait to chase her!

  2. CJ Dickinson

    Love,love,love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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