Just in case… never.

Tonight Daddy-o cleaned out the freezer. And I said, “The breast milk can go.”

breast milk in sink

Bye-bye breast milk!

We threw it away.

This is what’s amazing about that:

1) I actually breastfed a baby long enough to freeze some milk.

2) I actually let that “liquid gold” go. Even after I stopped breastfeeding I kept those eight or so ounces around “just in case.” Just in case Boopsie went on a food strike and would only take breast milk. (Rational worry, I know.) Just in case she got the stomach flu again (it’s the easiest thing for them to digest). Just in case… we needed it for something.

My baby drinks whole milk. My baby has two teeth and eats what we eat (sort of). My baby is 14 months old today and TOOK HER FIRST STEPS.

It was time. No more just in case.





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2 responses to “Just in case… never.

  1. CJ Dickinson

    What??? She took her first steps AND got another tooth in the past 24 hours? God only knows what she will do when we are gone for 18 days…

  2. yay!! she is on the move. congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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