Problems White Parents Have

Settle in, Peeps. There’s a long explanation coming your way. Before I can explain what I mean by “Problems White Parents Have,” I have to make sure you understand “Stuff White People Like.” SWPL was/is a satirical blog (and a couple of books) that makes fun of upper-middle-class bleeding-heart hipster types. Some examples of “Stuff White People Like”:

You get the picture. Here’s my disclaimer: There’s been a lot of criticism of SWPL, as being racist and stereotypical and not thorough enough. It obviously contains gross generalizations about a group of people (always very dangerous) and is at least as much about economic “status” as race. But it was a bit of a cultural touch point a couple of years ago, and it’s pretty funny… especially when you can laugh at yourself.

So here’s how it’s come into my life again: I keep catching myself getting whipped up about “problems,” only to realize they’re more like “Problems White Parents Have” than actual problems. Examples:

It’s actually liberating. Instead of getting whipped up into some earth-mama frenzy when Boopsie eats breaded chicken at day care or when I have to (get to?) take her to a pediatric dermatologist for her diaper rash, I can put it all in perspective. There are not real problems… these are “problems white parents have.”




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