The $135 Tube of Desitin

So… remember the time when we had to send Boopsie back to the doctor for the diaper rash last Tuesday? And since I had already run out of work early on Monday, Daddy-o was nominated for doctor duty… his first solo trip to the clinic with Boopsie. Our favorite Dr. P was out on vacation, so Boopsie had to see a different doctor new to the clinic. This would be the second non-Dr. P clinician we’d be seeing about the rash. So much for continuity. I wrote out some info about the rash and sent it along with Daddy-o (Why yes I AM a control freak!):

  • On and off since April
  • Occasionally use hydrocortisone, nystatin (anti-fungal)
  • Sometimes gets better but them comes right back

My main question was: Was there something else they could do or did she need to see a specialist? I also wrote down that she needed her Hepatitis A shot. Ready, set, go.

Daddy-o picked up Boopsie and got her to the clinic on time. He met with the Dr., who sent a “prescription” to the Target near where I work so I could pick it up. (Quotes explained in a moment.) The Hepatitis A shot didn’t happen, and Daddy-o said they were busy or something… not really open to it.

So, I went to the Target, waited five minutes in line at the pharmacy and was informed it would be another 15 minutes before the prescription was ready. I went off and spent some money on things we didn’t really need (which is just a given any time I even think about Target). Finally, I went back to the pharmacy and picked up… a tube of Desitin. Actually, it was Target’s Up & Up brand equivalent of Desitin, with 40% zinc oxide.

My first thought: Are you shitting me? (I did not say that out loud.)

My second third thought: I just waited 20 minutes for something I could have walked over picked up in the BABY aisle? (I said something like that out loud, but I wasn’t rude.)

My third thought: Daddy-o just took Boopsie to the doctor and came away with a prescription for zinc oxide?

Here’s the thing: This doctor didn’t get it. Obviously. He advised Daddy-o that we need to let her “air out” some times (REALLY?!?! I had NO IDEA! Pfft…) He said to not use hydrocortisone (fine) and to use Nystatin because it looked fungal (GEE – Do you think so?). But here’s the thing: We’ve been USING nystatin… on and off since June. And it goes away a little bit and then it comes back. So. we. need. another. option.  Instead? Zinc Oxide.  Yeah, we tried that back in April. The real kicker? Because of our health insurance deductible, it’s $135 out-of-pocket for each doctor appointment. That’s one of the most expensive tubes of Desitin I’ve ever heard of! (This is one of my “problems middle class parents have,” which I think is analogous to Stuff White People Like. I’ll get into that more in another post.)

I appreciated Daddy-o taking Boopsie to the doctor so I didn’t have to.  But my control freak tendencies were running wild for the next few days. I couldn’t help but wonder — Would there have been different outcome if I had been the one to take her to the doctor? I think so. I’m more versed in the problem and what’s already been done (though they had the note and her medical record of actual prescriptions… thanks Doc). I would have pushed back when Dr. said to use zinc oxide and nystatin. At the same time, I am loathe to criticize. Daddy-o got it done. There’s a high likelihood that he’ll need to take her to the doctor on his own in the future. And I don’t want to be a snot about it. So I’m trying to look at the bright side: I didn’t have to do it myself. Division of labor is often a struggle (also fodder for another day), so this is a step in the right direction. (At least a half-step. There’s bound to be another trip to the doctor about this. Oy.)

But a $135 tube of Desitin? Ouch. And it doesn’t really seem to be helping. Can’t say I’m surprised, but I am disappointed in that doctor.


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