Well, that was an exciting Monday!

So. We are all alive. And except for Daddy-o, whose back is still messed up, we are well. Boopsie even started saying “uh-oh.” It’s terrifically endearing, even when she throws food or a spoon onto the floor from her highchair and then says, “Uh-oh.” We have no idea where she learned it.

Also amazing? She’s starting to blow kisses. Again, we didn’t really teach her this… one of our daycare provider’s daughters was teaching her this summer, but that was weeks ago. She just decided to do it now… this is not a child who will be pushed into anything. Anyway, I digress.

Today I was finally feeling like after all the drama of illness and back injury and putting our house on the market that was early-

baby bottle and glass of wine

This may just sum up the day. Or actually, the better part of September.

and mid-September I was getting things back under control. I was FOCUSED on work and looking forward to getting a lot done this week to feel caught up from all the earlier shenanigans.

So there I was at work, plugging away at 3:30 p.m. And my cell phone rang and it was my daycare provider… calling me during work for the first time ever. In the background, I could hear Boopsie screaming. Like when she got two shots and had her blood drawn screaming. It turned out that we had forgotten to pack a pacifier. And her diaper rash was getting worse. And she’d only slept for 25 minutes. Things were not well.

I scrambled, saving the documents I needed to my jump drive and got out of there as fast as I could. And then it took 40+ minutes to get home (damn you, Hiawatha!). I picked up little Miss “Loose Ends” feeling like a very bad parent. At least she wasn’t crying when I picked her up.

Now I just sat down to finish my work for the day and discovered that in my panic to get to my SCREAMING child, I didn’t actually save the documents I needed to my jump drive. SUPER DEE-DUPER.

Feeling like neither a super mom nor a super employee tonight. At least tomorrow is another day*, right?

*A day in which we definitely will NOT forget to pack a pacifier and in which Daddy-o will be taking Boopsie to see the doctor for the rash.



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