So, I forgot to show you the results of all of my angst regarding the first birthday cake.

After all my dithering (which, really is quite an educated, middle class problem, isn’t it?) I decided to take a “real food” approach. I’m a big fan of 100 Days of Real Food, so I knew I wanted to make the cake. I also knew I didn’t want to make TWO cakes, so I let go of my sugar paranoia, and started looking for a recipe. I found a recipe that sounded good, bought a frosting kit and cute cupcake papers and went for it.

Pink frosted cupcakes with a "1" candle

They looked good. But I over-baked them and they were d-r-y.

Hate to say it, but I kind of blew it. I over-baked the cupcakes and they were dry. Then I used buttercream frosting and made it too crunchy (dry!). Whoops. But Boopsie liked them and everyone else was polite, so it all ended up fine.

Looking at that picture makes me want a cupcake. I wonder if Daddy-o is up for an errand?? 🙂


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