Bad Mommy Blogger

I just realized that there are two keys to being a Mommy Blogger. #1 – Be a mommy. #2 – Actually blogging. Whoops. I was visitng another friend’s blog and saw mine her her Blogroll ans realized it’d been two weeks. Oops.

So, without delay, a few observations and one story:

Observation #1: Boopsie has been getting some jarred baby food lately. I keep getting offended because for all my cooking, diligent baby food researching and making, she gets REALLY excited any time a jar of Earth’s Best comes out. I’ve been deducting from the pony fund accordingly.

Observation #2: (Okay several observations): Neighborhood Night Out – We live on the uncool block. All the stay-at home moms know each other and are friendly. Also, apparently green onesie + brown shorts with rainbows on them + bald = Boy Baby. Even when we shared her name, several people still thought Boopsie was a boy (and she has a feminine name). I’m not annoyed, I promise.

Observation #3: Meeting my goals (gaining IABC accreditation, getting in shape, deep cleaning my closets, and eating a better diet) is hard when I’m distracted by Boopsie. I have a bug up my butt to recaulk the bathtub. Don’t know when that will happen… maybe when she goes to kindergarten and/or I stop working?

Observation #4: I’m pretty sure Boopsie and her baby class friends could do better with the national and Minnesota budgets than our lawmakers have been doing. Just sayin’.

And a story….  Daddy-o and I escaped for an out-of-town wedding while my parents (Grammie and Grampie) babysat. It was our first weekend away. We left Friday morning and came home Sunday afternoon and it. was. awesome. There was just one few-hour period where I had to keep myself from calling every five minutes because I missed Boopsie and I blame that on the cute local babies at the wedding. I knew Boopsie was in much more capable hands than mine, so that was good. And we were surrounded by fun friends, so that was also good. We went swimming in Lake Michigan at 2:30 a.m. Yes, we DO still kn0w how to party. What a relief!



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  1. I’m loving these observations. My observation… motherhood = time bankruptcy! And I think every Mom I know has a time debt crisis! You are not alone, my friend! (PS – I think you are doing an incredible job — I have no children and aspire to be as organized as you!)

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