Getting Out vs. Coming Home

Baby in purple Bumbo chair looking outsude

I don't think she was waiting with bated breath, or anything

Daddy-o and I hired a babysitter and got out later this afternoon and early evening and it was fan-freaking-tastic. We even managed to talk about something other than Boopsie for a few minutes at a time. (Though we did make a fun trip to Wet Paint in St. Paul, where we purchased some super-non-toxic finger paints for her…)

Anyway, it was fan-damn-tastic to go out and not have to give a large part of our head space to keeping the “monkey” entertained, fed, bathed and generally safe. We got iced tea. We poked around some stores. We had dinner, where I had macaroni and cheese I’ve been thinking about for months. And yes, it was delicious.

But do you know what else was delicious tonight? Coming home. We were back early (by design), and Boopsie had been fed and changed, but was still awake. She was thrilled to see us and we were thrilled to see her. After the sitter left, we spent a little while playing before we got her bundled off to bed. (Boopsie’s new favorite game? Pulling herself up to kneeling and pulling toys out of the open-topped “toy box” in her room. She actually pulls them out and flings them aside. Anyhoo…)

So here’s what I realized about getting out and coming home… the good feelings actually depend on each other. In order to feel good about getting out, we have to be home with Boopsie a lot. And in order to get a rush from seeing her when we return, we have to get the h-e-l-l out. Funny how that works.


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  1. CJ Dickinson

    an ahaa moment!

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