Naming Names

I was feeling much more calm about the whole lack-of-weight-gain issue… then I went online to contact Boopsie’s Dr. and ask a follow-up question regarding the diaper rash (which is looking much better). As I waded through her online medical record to get to the point where I could e-mail the doctor, I stumbled across the diagnosis:

failure to thrive

Crap. I know that’s the blanket term for “not gaining weight.” But you might as well have called it:

failure to meet your baby’s needs

Alternatively, you could also call it:

failure as a parent

Daddy-O Dancing

My husband, aka "Daddy-o," cutting a rug this weekend...

This little hiccup (which really, I truly believe it is a hiccup and all will be okay) has brought about one big change. I made a record-keeping sheet, modeled after the one Swirleytime sent me, and asked Miss C (the daycare provider) to start filling it out. She was reticent (at best) on Monday when I asked her, which prompted me to come home and make a couple of phone calls to other providers. We’re officially shopping around. However, after her initial reaction Miss C has filled out the sheet for the last couple of days, and I already feel a LOT better because at least I can go back to the doctor in 3.5 weeks (for a weigh in) and be able to confidently tell her what Boopsie’s been drinking and eating. (And I threw naps on there for my own curiosity.) God, I love information. Especially about my kid.

In another, much less dramatic “naming names” moment, I asked Daddy-o to stop always calling me “Mom” and “Mommy.” It freaks me out. I want to be his wife AND the mother of his kid. Not just the mother of his kid. So we’re both making a concerted effort to call each other by our names/nicknames. After all, someday Boopsie will be grown up and move out and we’ll be left with each other…. waaaaaahhhhh! Besides, his parents refer to each other as “Mom” and “Dad.” (Which is frankly the argument that won him over… not because there’s anything wrong with his parents, but because I don’t think anyone is ever totally comfortable having the spotlight thrown on direct parallels between their life and their parents’ lives…Just sayin’.)

Anyway, I’m off to research more calorie dense baby food. Woot woot!


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