Double Standards Anonymous

Pffffft. Where can I find the nearest Double Standards Anonymous meeting? I recently realized how rife with double standards I am. I know, you’re probably wondering what took me so long. Here’s a few recent examples:

Remember how I freaked out when Miss C (our day care provider) gave Boopsie pancakes? Well, last weekend I had her try sorbet AND little chunks of waffle cone.

I’ve been lambasting the sexualization of girls, and thinking about how silly and out of control things like princess-making have gotten. I even had my undies in a bunch about the silliness of prom and the over-emphasis on girls’ looks. So then I called my niece to tell her to have fun at prom. This wouldn’t be a big deal, if I had ALSO called her to wish her good luck on the ACT or at a track meet. But I didn’t. I  just called her to tell her to have fun at prom and that I wanted to see photos.

People who know me have also heard me wax poetic I will not be pushed around by this kiddo… especially since she might be an “only.” I will regularly tell her (gently) to calm down. But yesterday, when Miss C was stern with her in front of me, my hackles totally went up… as in, “Nobody tells my baby not to be a pistol!”

And my another mac-daddy double standard? (Well, perhaps this is more of a contradiction.) When a friend of mine found out I was pregnant he said, “You can start a mommy blog.” My response? “Oh hell no. Those are so boring.” Erm. Excuse my while I go microwave my hat so I can eat it.

I guess this is me admitting I am powerless over my double-standards… that’s the first step, right?


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