Tiptoeing into the (Dairy-liscious) Tulips

Cheese, glorious cheese!!

After Boopsie had another round of yogurt this weekend, she didn’t react. No tummy aches, nada. So I decided I could tip-toe back into the dairy foods.

First, I had a bit of Daddy-o’s ice cream (literally, three bites).

The next day I put cow’s milk on my cereal. (Glorious!)

The day after that, I had deeeeeee-liscious greek yogurt with granola for breakfast.

And then… well, I sort of lost my cool and had 2 ounces of cheddar cheese (my mouth watered when I typed that!) and an ice cream sandwich. And another ice cream sandwich. Oops. So much for reintroducing dairy slowly!

Woot woot! So many delicious foods to come…. please share your favorite dairy foods! (In case I forgot about something delicious in the last 6.5 months!)


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