Another Day

So, I’m feeling a little better about daycare today. Ithink I will still poke around a little, just for comparison’s sake. More importantly, I’ll also try to be more assertive about the information I want from Miss C. So today:

  • I took Boopsie in at 11 a.m. (well-child visit) and the kids AND Miss C were playing with Duplos and Legos. It was also much calmer (no scolding or exasperation).
  • The Dr. at Boopsie’s well-child visit said she isn’t at all dehydrated and not to worry too much about the drinking strikes.
  • The Dr. thinks the fussiness could have to do with Boopsie being at a point where she knows what she wants, but can’t express it or make it happen. She said, “I think she’s a smart baby with a lot of opinions.”
  • I talked to Miss C about food, and we agreed (I think) that she’ll be very cautious until Boopsie is at least one.
  • I’m going to ask more about what they’re up to during the day.
  • When I picked Boopsie up this afternoon, she was hanging out on the floor… playing with a toy.

I’m thinking of an analogy (however misguided): What I’m talking about here is similar to the difference between a three-star hotel and a four-star hotel. A three-star hotel is good and gets the job done, but a four-star hotel does that and more… including extras and some style points. And I’m not trying to imply that Miss C is a “lower quality” provider or something… I’m just saying she’s definitely not bad (and might be awesome and perfect for some families).

Also, I feel a little bad — like I’m throwing Miss C under the bus to to blogosphere and Facebook peeps. There are a lot of good things about her. Here are a few:

  • She has 25 years of experience.
  • She emphasizes manners, and we can’t get in or out of there without at least one little kid asking us how we’re doing, as in, “Hello Mr. Daddy-o, how are you today?”
  • She has never had a complaint filed against her.
  • When I asked Miss C to move the crib from the dining room to an upstairs room, she said she couldn’t. But she did put it in the sun porch and now Boopsie generally gets much better naps than before. (I see this as a nice compromise.)
  • She’s the mother to two young women who have earned very impressive academic prizes.

I appreciate all of the suggestions and probably will look around, just to keep our options open…


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