A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Sleep Training/Fight Night in the Hizzy

Sooo…. I was fired up. We had a video monitor. And then we ALL got another cold. Yuck. I blame it on the endless winter/lack of spring this year. So we waited. Boopsie’s cold got better, but a diaper rash didn’t. So I took her to the doctor. No ear problems, no teeth busting through, nothing that should prevent us from trying. But THEN it was Mother’s Day weekend, and I was exhausted and cranky and we had a babysitter lined up for Saturday night. So we waited again.

And suddenly, without any intervention, Boopsie started waking up once a night (instead of two). And then a few days later she went two nights without waking up to eat. Suddenly not letting her eat at night didn’t seem too scary. Starting last Tuesday, we started reducing how much formula Boopsie got in a bottle if she woke up. (I had a table that included first bottle and second bottle, just in case. Because I AM that much of a project manager.)

We came around to Friday night and I decided it was time to draw a line in the sand. The most she’d had at night during the prior few days was 4 ounces. We knew she could go all night without eating. I declared it fight night in the hizzy, and we went to bed wondering what would happen…here’s what transpired:

2:55 a.m. – Boopsie woke up and started fussing. I thought perhaps she would go back to sleep.

3:09 a.m. – No such luck. She was getting very wound up, so I went in, patted her head and told her, “Shh, it’s time to go to sleep.” She FREAKED OUT, which woke Daddy-o up. He joined me in the kitchen for a video monitor spy session.

3:13 a.m. – She stopped screaming, but continued kicking and rolling. Daddy-o went back to bed.

3:18 a.m. – Back to sleep???

3:22 a.m. – Okay, it seemed she really WAS back to sleep. I trundled back to bed.

Frankly, it felt blissfully anti-climatic. Between the video monitor and going into to knowing she could sleep all night, I was confident this would work out. But then she stopped crying even faster than I thought she would. 23 minutes of fussiness and about 5 minutes of full-on crying? Oh, we can live with that!

Last night, Boopsie slept 12 hours. Yes, 12 hours. She woke up a couple of times for about 5 minutes each and then went back to sleep.




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2 responses to “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Sleep Training/Fight Night in the Hizzy

  1. ursula

    yipee!! i hope all is going well on the sleep front still! 🙂

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