Mother’s Eve

It’s the night before Mother’s Day. My first Mother’s Day! Two feelings are dominating my emotional landscape tonight. #1 – I am so glad I decided to have a kid, because I love having Boopsie. #2 – I am so fortunate to have my mother nearby and to have a good relationship with her. We talk every day, we have fun together, she loves my kid so much it makes me happy… it’s fantastic. I’m looking forward to spending time with her and Boopsie and Daddy-o and my dad tomorrow.
Lately I’ve been watching Boopsie’s personality develop and it’s making me start to think about how I can be a good to her — how to take into account her personality and essence while raising a good person. Here are a few details about her. They may not make Boopsie an especially unique baby, but they are some of the things that make her special to me.
  • She is generally very happy, but almost never easy-going. When she isn’t getting what she knows she wants look out!
  • Boopsie currently has two missions in life: #1 – Figure out how to crawl. #2 – Knock over anything that is stacked up.
  • She loves feeling the wind in her face… it makes her bat her eyelashes and smile.
  • Once her favorite place, the diaper changing table is now one of her least favorites…every diaper change is a wrestling match!
  • She loves books and being read to, looking at all the book on her shelves, turning the pages and “touch-and-feel” storytime.
  • The cats don’t know it yet, but she really wants to be their best friend. We’ll see… once she can reach them on her own she’ll probably be more like a frenemy.
  • She is the raspberry-blowing champion of the upper-Midwest. Seriously. I double-dog dare you to try and out-raspberry this baby.

I honestly didn’t think I’d enjoy the “baby stage” of parenting this much. Now that I’m in the thick of it, I love it. It is a TON of work and I am exhausted… have I mentioned she’s still not sleeping through the night? 🙂 I spite of all that, I catch myself wanting to freeze Boopsie just as she is… okay, maybe just as she is but sleeping through the night.


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  1. CJ Dickinson

    This is a sweet blog. I feel fortunate to have you and your little family close to me, both physically and emotionally. I have everything I have ever wanted and that is due largely to you and Boo. Keep on doing what you’re doing because you are an awesome mom!

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