Peeping Mom

Video Screen With Boopsie LL

You can just barely see the top of her head in the lower-left of the screen.

So, in my effort to get Boopsie sleeping through the night, I decided a video monitor would be a great tool. Daddy-o nodded assent, and within 8 hours (via Craigslist) I had one for $50. She’s still not sleeping through the night (damn cold, damn diaper rash, damn teeth (?) holding up any action on our part), but we sure are checking out her nocturnal activities! Frankly, I like watching the monitor (in our kitchen) while I cook dinner and she is going to sleep.

Last night (the first night the camera was mounted in a way that we can see 80% of the crib), Boopsie wriggled her way all the way down into the only corner where we COULDN’T see her. Interestingly enough, she basically never hangs out in that corner… Camera shy? This kid? Doubt it. It’s more likely that she somehow figured out that thing peering into her crib is a camera and I’m peeping at her. Already wants her privacy, I guess.

Video Screen With Boopsie

A better shot of how we can see her at night...

Tonight, while Daddy-o and I were doing some work in the kitchen, we watched her wake up, do a 360, rediscover her pacifier, pop it into her mouth and fall back asleep. My god, we HAVE to stop feeding this girl at night! I think it will be nice to see what’s going on when she’s crying… is she REALLY in trouble — Arm stuck through a slat? Tangled in her sleep sack? — or is she just upset?

I’m sure the people at Free Range Kids would have big-time issues with this. (Indeed, I just checked and they do, even if ours isn’t flat screen or full color.) But I don’t think this is the gateway to helicopter parenting. At least I hope not. Sometimes I even let Boopsie sit on the floor without the Boppy pillow to catch her if she falls. (Yes, I’m mocking myself.)

In other over-protective parenting news, Daddy-o coverted our lovely hand-me-down drop-side crib to a non-drop-side crib. Apparently he did it in a very “pro” way, but I forgot to check it out before Boopsie went to bed. Oh well, maybe I can look at it when I feed her at 3 or 4 a.m. *sigh* (It’s my turn. We’re taking turns! Praise equality and marital satisfaction!)

In other-other news, Boopsie hates having her nose wiped. She doesn’t however, seem to have any problem wiping her nose on my shirt, jacket or pants. Sweet. I need a shower. And a maid.



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2 responses to “Peeping Mom

  1. Interesting idea. Let me know how that works. Ellis still isn’t off the nighttime feeding. He goes from 10-4…that is sort of through the night? I don’t know. They are old enough to go without it, but …And after letting him cry it out sometimes, I go in and check on him and he has a dirty diaper. It’s not as easy at it seems to figure out a “cry it out cry” from a dirty diaper cry from an “i’m hungry cry”. oh well. soon enough he can get up and feed himself some cookies and milks and maybe IM with boopsie at 3 AM.

  2. Totally agree. Deciphering cries (especially at 3 a.m.) is neither fun nor easy. We’re lucky, though. Boops isn’t so much of a nighttime pooper. (At least not yet.) I hope IM isn’t in their future… Why won’t they just SLEEEEEP?!?

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