Absolution of Original Sin? Check.

Boopsie was baptized in the Catholic church yesterday. Miraculously, I wasn’t struck down by lightning for blasphemy while in the church. And now Boopsie’s original sin has been wiped away. Whew.

A year ago at this time, I was pretty firmly against having my future-currently-unborn-child baptized. I was confirmed as a Catholic when I was 15, but I’ve been questioning “The Church” since I was about 7, starting when I learned “girls” couldn’t be priests.

But like many other “I’ll never” statements I used to say before I had a baby that one went bouncing to the sidelines. Here’s what it came down to: Baptism is a big deal in Daddy-o’s family. Also, we found a nice, liberal Catholic church in our neighborhood that was welcoming and explained baptism as “welcoming” a child into the community (as opposed to rescuing her from limbo or wiping away the original sin) AND I suddenly got very worried about Boopsie having some sort of religious context to rebel against. Plus Daddy-o was in charge of figuring out the baptism business and he took care of it. (Woot woot!)

So the big day was yesterday (Easter Sunday! Do we get bonus points for that?). And you know what? It was nice. Sure, I sort of had to nod during the Q&A about beliefs during the baptism (because frankly I’m not sure). But it was nice to celebrate with Daddy-o’s family and my family. As a bonus, Boopsie’s cousin, who is nine weeks younger, was baptized at the same time, so there was exponential cuteness.

It just makes me wonder, though… what other “I’ll nevers” will go to the wayside?


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