One small victory…

… for mommykind. As someone noted in a comment, there is a “special” dynamic between mommy and her partner that can develop when a baby comes on the scene. As the commenter put it, “I’ve been finding myself wondering (over the last 4 weeks of jr’s existence outside of the womb) how I went from thinking that my husband was a rockstar before baby to now thinking that he’s a lazy empty baby bottlesack of s%*t most days?”

I can’t solve or explain the whole issue, because let’s face it–the tension that develops is about gender, and society, and biology, and new babies that totally f-up (in ways both good and bad) our daily existence. But I can share one small victory: I nominated Daddy-o into the role of “Bottle Captain.” This means HE is in charge of washing bottles and pump parts. HE has to keep an eye on our supply o’bottles and decide when they need to be washed. It’s not a huge job, but it’s ongoing and I’m sure it gets old. (But then again, sometimes being the “Boobie Captain” gets old.)  Anyway, it’s working out well. He owns this task and it’s one thing, no matter how small, that I get to let go of.

One small victory. Sometimes that’s the only margin that keeps you from wanting to poke each others’ eyes out. We’ll take it!


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