This too shall pass…

WHY is it so hard for me to remember that phrase? Because it’s true. It really is. I can prove it.

First, there was the time when Boopsie (around a few weeks of age) stopped wanting to go to sleep at night, usually right around the time I was ready to drop (10 or 11 p.m.). I used to breastfeed her and then walk long, slow laps around the house humming “Rock a Bye Baby.” I was so stressed out, and tired and I felt like my arms would break. Walk, walk, walk, hum, hum, hum. I thought she would never start sleeping again. Never. But then she did.

Then, for survival, I started bringing Boopsie into bed at night at with me. To facilitate this, I slept in the guest bedroom with Boopsie alone, and I was sure I would never get Boopsie back in the crib or be able to sleep in the same bed with Daddy-o again. Suddenly, one night, when I set Boopsie in the crib for safekeeping, she fell asleep there. And then she was sleeping in her crib again.

Now this week… Sunday and Monday: Boopsie woke up four times each night. Combined with the stomach flu and a cold, I pretty much wanted to kill myself (or Daddy-o, see this post) by Monday. Then Daddy-o got up with her Monday night (YAY!), but I was still freaked out by this new pattern… WHEN WOULD SHE EVER SLEEP MORE NORMALLY AGAIN?!? I know, two nights should not create a panic. But like I said, I was already tired and trying to get over illness(es).

So I convinced myself Boopsie had an ear infection and dragged her to the doctor. No ear infection. Just a $129 bill (haven’t met the $4k deductible yet) for me forgetting that, “This to shall pass.”


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