Some Days…

makeshift milk storage

Aquafina makes for decent milk storage in a pinch!

Once in a while, I have a day where I feel like I have things under control and I’m really doing well as a wife, mother, human being, employee and writer. My bar isn’t too high. Yesterday was one of those days.

Here’s what made me feel “together” yesterday:

  • I packed my lunch for work and I remembered to bring my lunch to work
  • I remembered to bring my pumping supplies to work
  • I took all the vitamins I’m supposed to take
  • I made progress on several projects at work
  • I had some quality time with Boopsie and Daddy-o

Then there are days where things just don’t come together… like the day last week when I forgot all my pumping gear. Or the time when I brought it, except I only had one 2.5 ounce storage bottle and one milk storage bag. Or when I make myself a lunch and forget it on the kitchen counter. Those days are a bit more humbling.

So far, motherhood has been a great exercise for me in learning how to roll with it. I can’t predict when Boopsie will wake up (or not) at night. I don’t know when she’s going to blow out a diaper. Take the day I forgot containers to put pumped milk into… I bought a bottle of Aquafina, washed the outside of it,  poured out the water and used it to store the milk until I got home. Not elegant, but effective. I survived. So did Boopsie.

So here’s to days. Some great, some challenging and many somewhere in between. At least it’s never dull!


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