On Renting a Breast Pump

I’ve been trying and trying and trying to maximize Boopsie’s breastmilk intake and minimize her formula intake. I don’t want to get into the social politics of the pressure I’m putting on myself… at least not right now.  For now, I just want to share a story:

In one of my many attempts to “keep up” with demand, I decided using a hospital-grade pump would make all the difference. I called my health insurance company to find out if they would cover the cost of renting one. After “squatting” in my boss’s office while she was in a meeting (because that’s not a call I want to make in “cube land”), wading through the “press one for” menus and entering my policy id number, I finally reached a real, live person. This was the first half of our conversation:

Insurance Customer Service Woman: What can I help you with today?

Me: I’m wondering if my insurance policy will cover breast pump rental.

Insurance Customer Service Woman: And what would that be for?

Me: …three very solid beats of silence, while I tried to figure out what she was asking and whether or not it was a trick question Umm…pumping…my…breasts…?

It was awkward, to say the least. And in case you were wondering; yes, they will cover it, as long as I have a prescription.


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